FIFA World Cup 2022: Fan expenses, including hotel and fuel costs

Individual tickets for group-stage matches cost between 250 and 800 Qatari riyals for foreign visitors. Prices increase to 2,200–5,850 riyals in the knockout stage.

"For 1 riyal, you have to pay roughly $0.27, thus, at today's pricing, the cheapest single ticket for a group game would cost you about $69,

and the most expensive one will already cost you close to $220," Blaszczyk concluded.

The least expensive cup match ticket will set you back more than $600, while a more luxurious seat would set you back more than $1,600.

One passenger will spend at least $1,600 on a round-trip airfare from New York to Doha.The precise cost, however, is based on the date and the length of stay.

Contrarily, gas is inexpensive in Qatar, where a liter costs about 1.9 riyals, or about $0.52.There won't be any unexpected pricing fluctuations for American fans either.

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