Final appeals from Trump and Biden ahead of the important midterm elections

Washington, D.C. With one more full day of campaigning, leaders of both parties will make urgent appeals to their followers as an election year marked by economic unrest,

 the repeal of federal abortion rights, and widespread worries about the future of democracy comes to an end.

In Maryland, where Democrats have one of their greatest chances to retake a governorship now held by the Republicans, President Joe Biden will speak at a rally on Monday night. 

This appearance is consistent with Biden's late-campaign strategy of generally avoiding Democratic strongholds in favor of campaigning in more competitive areas

Donald Trump, the former president, will hold his final campaign rally in Ohio. Ohio has special significance for the former president as he prepares for a second bid for the White House

since it was one of the first states where he was able to demonstrate his staying strength among Republican voters. 

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