Finding of Covid vaccination trial conflicts with lockdown policy

According to a study, people who are active seem to respond better to Covid vaccinations, suggesting that strict lockdowns were ineffective.

To preserve the NHS and prevent spreading the illness, Britons were periodically told to stay inside and restrict outdoor activity during the outbreak.

However, a recent study by South African researchers revealed that those who exercised the most responded better to the vaccine, with fewer patients needing hospitalization after the shot.

People who routinely engaged in fewer than 60 minutes of activity per week had a 60% vaccine effectiveness against hospitalization,

compared to 86% for those who regularly engaged in 150 or more minutes of exercise per week or more.

In other words, 40 of the least active out of 100 persons who would have ended up in the hospital with Covid without a shot would still be admitted as opposed to just 14 of the most active

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