First SpaceX Falcon Heavy Rocket Launch in Three Years is Scheduled

Elon Musk's much larger Starship rocket looked to overshadow SpaceX's large Falcon Heavy rocket shortly after it launched in 2018. Old Heavy is once again making news

 because to the company's plans to use the rocket for the first time in years to launch a pair of payloads for the US Space Force into orbit.

Recently, when we speak to "a huge SpaceX rocket," we presumably mean Starship and its accompanying Super Heavy booster. 

This is the spacecraft that Musk plans to use to colonize Mars and that NASA hopes will be able to return people to the moon. 

The Falcon Heavy, which has only ever been used three times and last launched in 2019,

including the test flight that carried a Tesla toward Mars, is still the SpaceX vehicle with the biggest thrust that has reached orbit.

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