Florida's Tesla EVs exploded after Hurricane Ian.

Florida State Fire Marshal Jimmy Patronis tweeted, "Lan deactivated a tonne of EVs." Battery corrosion causes fires.

Our firefighters haven't faced that before. This scale" Since Hurricane Ian, Naples, Florida has had four Tesla fires.

EV fires have always been difficult. The batteries' energy doesn't fade. Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue's Stephen Gollan said, "The batteries store energy."

"Submerging a vehicle doesn't discharge its energy. Mixing salt water with electrical components is a disaster.

Thousands of gallons of water are needed to put out these fires. Tesla's emergency response guidance claims 3,000 to 8,000 gallons of water are needed

Many EVs catch fire again after a few days. “These fires require specific expertise and knowledge of EVs,” Patronis said.

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