Following Sunday's game, Josh Allen made a troubling accusation.

Josh Allen was rather enraged after he was called for getting up from the pile during Sunday's game in Miami.

Allen and Dolphins defensive tackle Christian Wilkins were seen arguing. The Bills quarterback provided his perspective on the incident on "Kyle Brandt's Basement" with the NFL Network 

Anyone with two eyes, in my opinion, could see what was going on behind that pile. I obviously let my feelings rule, 

 but there were other things going on that I didn't recognize at the time. And we'll let everyone evaluate it for themselves.

Brandt continued by quoting Wilkins as saying, "That's how it works with alpha men." Do alpha guys grasp each other's groins on the football field, I must first inquire.

It is what it is. "Not usually. He has a reputation for being a competitor that dates back to college. I should thus be aware of it and refrain from letting it control me.

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