Following the defeat, John Harbaugh and a Ravens star must be divided.

Sunday's game between the Baltimore Ravens and the Buffalo Bills was a complete disaster.

Baltimore led 20-3 late in the second quarter before giving up 20 straight points to fall 23-20 on a field goal by Tyler Bass with one play remaining.

It became worse when Ravens CB Marcus Peters and head coach John Harbaugh got into a yelling confrontation on the sideline as Bass was sauntering onto the field to win it for Buffalo.

It took the intervention of players and coaches to keep the two from escalating their argument.

We're not sure what Peters was upset about specifically, but it might have been Harbaugh's choice to try for a field goal on 4th-and-2 on the previous play.

Baltimore's record is now 2-2 after the defeat. During the postgame press conference, more information regarding what transpired between Peters and Harbaugh should be revealed.

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