For a second try, NASA rolls the SLS rocket out to the launch pad.

On Friday, NASA will move its Space Launch System back to the Kennedy Space Center's send pad in anticipation of its third attempt to launch its most potent rocket to yet into space on November 14.

In order to protect the rocket from Hurricane Ian, which made landfall on the Florida coast late in September,

it has remained within the hangar. To make sure the vehicle is ready to go to the Moon on its first test trip, engineers have labored to repair and replace parts.

Tomorrow at 12:01 EDT, they'll be prepared to wheel the SLS back onto the launchpad (0401 UTC). 

It takes skill and care to move such a large, pricey piece of equipment the four miles from the hangar to the launchpad. 

About ten hours are anticipated for the procedure, and NASA plans to livestream each tedious second.

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