Former Deadpool actor vows to never collaborate with Ryan Reynolds again

Hugh Jackman will play Wolverine in the upcoming third Deadpool movie, which was just revealed by Ryan Reynolds.

However, T.J. Miller, who played Weasel in the previous two movies, has announced he won't be making another appearance in the series.

The comic revealed it while promoting his newest stand-up special, Dear Jonah, on The Adam Carolla Show.

When the topic of the Deadpool world came up, Miller declared that his days of working with Ryan Reynolds were done and added that his wife believes his former co-star despises him.

According to OutKick, the sarcastic remark was made on a program called Hot Ones. Miller continued by implying that Ryan Reynolds transformed as a result of his success as Deadpool.

 "Things kind of changed once he got super, extremely famous from the first movie." He then declared he wouldn't collaborate with him once more.

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