Former NFL Coach's sister is devastated by his passing.

Mike Zimmer's son Adam passed suddenly on Monday. Mike Zimmer was the former head coach of the Vikings. His untimely passing has devastated a lot of people in the NFL community.

As an assistant coach in the NFL, Zimmer played for 17 seasons. During that time, he was of assistance to the Bengals, Chiefs, Saints, and Vikings.

Corri Zimmer White, Zimmer's sister, wrote a moving tribute to her brother on Instagram. A collage of their time together was included in her post.

She added, "I can't believe I'm writing this. My big brother passed away yesterday." "I don't know how to juggle being a mom to one-year-old twin boys 

and the grief of losing my brother so unexpectedly. I'm so lost, I'm so overwhelmed, I'm so heartbroken. I've felt pain like this once before 

but it's been a while and I didn't know I was able to feel like this again. My heart is shattered and it hurts so bad.

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