Framber Valdez of the Astros denies using any sticky substances to win Game 2.

Pitcher Framber Valdez of the Houston Astros hit back at those who accused him of lying as he was facing the Philadelphia Phillies in Game 2 of the World Series.

In the 5-2 triumph on Saturday, Valdez pitched a masterpiece. In the middle of the game, he switched his spikes and glove and was observed frequently rubbing his hands.

Even Phillies players praised his curveball, which he threw 42 times in 6 1/3 innings of labor to help the team win.

Nevertheless, the umpires constantly checked him during the game and found nothing. All of the actions Valdez took throughout the game that set off alarms were regular, he said afterward.

"Nobody should interpret it incorrectly in any manner. I perform it openly," Valdez stated. "I do all of my tendencies.

For example, the hitter might glance at me or rub various objects without thinking about the pitch I'm about to throw. All season long, I've been doing it.

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