German Shepherd Picks Up His "Little Human" From School Is Everything

Dogs always show us that they're man's best buddy. Our pups are incredibly devoted and passionate about family safety.

Zeus, @zeushowardthatgsd's German Shepherd, waits in the school pick-up line with her in the car in a TikTok video.

Zeus worries about being late for pick-up and losing his "little human."

This is very cute. We adore how nervous Zeus was about missing the pick-up! The video states Zeus thinks it's his job to pick up the kids from school and panics if they're late. 

 According to @danick429, "He understands you since he's smart and loyal! A German Shepherd would talk if it could."

Their DNA dictates it. He clearly enjoys taking care of your family." We adore how close this pooch is to his family!

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During his decade with the Seahawks

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