Grandson of Michael Landon passes away after being struck by a LA public bus

Michael Landon, a deceased television personality, was hit by a Los Angeles municipal bus, according to his daughter, who also alleges that her son was "left to die on the side of the road."

Since the middle of August, Shawna Landon has been attempting to raise awareness of Dylan Lupia's passing on Instagram. 

She talked to MailOnline on Wednesday, October 5, about the unsolved mystery surrounding the 24-year-passing. old's

On August 17, a Metro Local 344 bus struck Dylan while he was strolling along the bike lane in Rancho Palos Verdes, a seaside community, and kept traveling. 

Dylan's mother claims this. The immediate cause of Dylan's death is thought to have been head trauma.

This man did not even pause to investigate what had transpired or dial 911. On the side of the road, my son was abandoned to perish "stated Shawna.

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