Hal Steinbrenner, owner of the Yankees, announces the choice of manager

Manager Aaron Boone will be present when the New York Yankees take the field in 2023.

Hal Steinbrenner, the owner of the Yankees, stated as much to reporters on Wednesday in the afternoon. He labeled Boone a "very good manager," but he's not quite ready to let him go just yet.

According to Steinbrenner, who spoke to the Associated Press, "as far as Boone's concerned,

 we recently signed him and for all the same reasons I outlined a year ago, I believe he is a very good manager." There is no change there, I think.

Steinbrenner declared, "We failed to complete the task. It is now time to complete it. 

"Any year we don't win a title is a bad year. We experienced a lot of positive highs, some negative lows, and injuries just like everyone else.

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