Heartbroken by Brittney Griner's Decision, the Sports World

The WNBA star's appeal was denied by a Russian court last week, thus, without a deal with the United States, she will now have to spend her entire nine-year prison term.

It must be quite difficult to live a full-time jail life in Russia.NBC News reported this week that when Britney Griner is sent to a correctional colony, 

the replacement for the infamous Russian gulag, to serve out a nine-year sentence, she will "join a regime of isolation, arduous labor, and psychological agony."

Griner reportedly received a basketball early in her her term so she could practice on the facility's hoops.

"I questioned Griner's attorney about whether she had the chance to play basketball after she was taken into custody. The jail, according to her, has a hoop but no ball.

BG rejected, stating it was too difficult to consider, although Griner's attorneys offered to bring one "T.J. Quinn of ESPN said.

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