Hotel housekeeper secrets

"Many apartments and hotel suites I cleaned had spa baths," says Morris. "Every few weeks, we used a special cleaner to remove gunk from the spa

You should stop using the hotel room cups and glasses. In a Reddit AMA, a former housekeeper says these dishes aren't cleaned as well as they could be.

"Many times people use these as water dishes for their pets, but sometimes they do much worse," the user said in the video, which has over 84,000 likes. 

Putting a DND sign on your door protects your privacy and saves time for your housekeeper.

Many of us want to relax after a day of travel. Just don't jump on your hotel bed too quickly.

Running out of toilet paper or shampoo is a pain, so you may be tempted to grab what you need from an unattended cleaning cart in the hotel hallway

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