How Often Do People Typically Eat Breakfast Per Week?

583 individuals were questioned about their weekly breakfast consumption. The responses varied from 0 to all 7 days of the week. 

In the course of the week, 49 respondents claimed they never eat breakfast. A little over 18% of participants claimed to have breakfast one to two days per week, 

whereas only 16.81% of participants (98 in total) claimed to do so three to four days per week. Even fewer people—77 respondents, 

or 13.21%—reported having breakfast five to six days each week. However, the great majority of respondents claimed that they have breakfast every day of the week to begin their day. 

There were 253 respondents who reported regularly eating breakfast, or 43.4% of the total.

Beth Czerwony tells the Cleveland Clinic that eating patterns will vary depending on each person's particular needs, regardless of how frequently or infrequently one chooses to have breakfast.

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