How to fix a widening part line

Female pattern hair loss, severe stress, illness, trauma, iron deficiency, topknot hair loss, or medical treatments can cause a widening hair part, according to Hers.

Androgen hormones cause female pattern hair loss. This shortens your hair's growth phase, and you may notice hair loss in your hair part first.

Repeated ponytails or braids tug at hair follicles, causing hair loss.

Lars Skjoth, founder and head of research and development for Harklinikken hair regrowth clinics, tells the LA Times how to slow or prevent hair loss. 

Avoid hair extensions and use heated tools sparingly. Repeated use of extensions and hair dryers can cause breakage. 

Avoid sleeping with wet hair and use dry shampoo often. Limiting these will keep your hair healthy and prevent shedding.

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