How to view the historic Artemis I rocket launch from NASA

Space exploration will enter a new phase thanks to NASA's Artemis missions. Within the next weeks, the space agency plans to launch Artemis I, the first of these missions.

Space enthusiasts will be able to tune in and witness the Artemis I launch live as it takes place, just like all of its other launches.

At the moment, NASA is hoping to launch Artemis I in November. The space agency claims that in order to safeguard Artemis I from Hurricane Ian's rain and other weather

Compared to the space agency's initial backup launch date of Friday, September 2, this is noticeably many weeks later. Sadly, a persistent leak forced that effort to be scrubbed, 

and we must now wait to see when NASA believes the spacecraft is once again prepared for flight. Closer to the launch attempt, NASA should release specific information.

But if the weather permits, NASA's Artemis I will launch and start its 40-day trip around the Moon. It won't be until 2024 when the second Artemis mission is launched.

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