Hurricane Ian is still causing damage to Disney World.

As the powerful Category 4 hurricane starts to sweep onshore in Florida, Hurricane Ian is still wreaking havoc on Walt Disney World.

In reaction to the hurricane, Walt Disney World, which is close to Orlando, closed its theme and water parks on Wednesday and Thursday. 

The firm stated on its website that partially used multi-day tickets will be "automatically extended to allow usage of the remaining unused ticket days through September 30, 2023."

THE IMPACT OF HURRICANE IAN ON FOOD PRICESFor Ian, the corporation has also changed how the Walt Disney World Resort Hotels operate.

All guests must check in at the resorts by 3 p.m. on Wednesday, and no check-ins are permitted on Thursday. The firm said that regular cancellation costs will be eliminated.

All visitors are advised to remain indoors "for the duration of the storm," according to the resorts.

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