Hyundai Replaces Catalytic Converter Stolen in Service

Global News reports that this isn't Orangeville Hyundai's first catalytic converter heist. A few months ago, another catalytic converter was stolen. 

The dealership hadn't increased security despite the theft. No cameras, fences, or gates kept out intruders.

Co-owner Phil Richards was indignant when challenged by the dealership's latest auto theft victim.

Jamie-Lee Higginson, the Hyundai owner's daughter, was upset that the dealership wouldn't repair the stolen catalytic converter

These inconspicuous exhaust pieces contain rare metals. Catalytic converter theft has surged due to metal harvesting.

Thieves make $50 to $500 each catalytic converter for the illegal market. Replacements might be expensive. If the thief didn't break anything else, $3,500.

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