In November, NASA will try a lunar launch.

The competing lunar-bound liftoffs that will take place next month might be the smoking gun if there were any doubts about whether the globe has started a new space race. 

NASA will attempt to launch the first Artemis mission again on November 14 with backup dates of November 16 and 19. 

This follows NASA waiving two launch attempts in late August and early September, which were then delayed by Hurricane Ian.

Another mission that is less well-known in the United States but is also scheduled to depart from its land falls within that time frame. 

Ispace, a Japanese business that specializes in creating lunar landers, intends to launch on a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket between November 9 and November 15. 

The first Hakuto-R mission would transport goods from a number of clients and land two lunar rovers from the Japanese and Emirati space programs.

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