In the Michael Jordan vs. LeBron James GOAT argument, Shaquille O'Neal offers his opinion.

Shaq placed another NBA star in his no. 2 spot and has no doubts about who the GOAT is.Breaking Abdul-record Jabbar's is LeBron

The best player in each sport should be chosen after taking into account a variety of characteristics. Some of these include longevity, records, and effect.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar now has LeBron James in second place on the all-time scoring list, but that position won't last long as the L.A. Lakers star 

Lakers star is expected to pass him this season and grab the top spot. The King only needs 1,325 points to surpass Kareem's record, which, barring any serious injuries

or load management, he could complete in 49 games. Many followers think James' case will be strengthened if and when he records this achievement.

Shaquille O'Neal got the opportunity to compete against LeBron James and Michael Jordan. In Cleveland, he even started working together as a team.

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