In the midst of a scandal, the first active NBA player speaks out against Kyrie Irving.

The Brooklyn Nets on Thursday issued an indefinite suspension to Kyrie Irving for his failure to extend a sincere apology for his Twitter endorsement of an anti-Semitic documentary.

Although a number of past NBA players have criticized Irving's actions, no active NBA player had until recently.

Robin Lopez of the Cleveland Cavaliers was the first active player to condemn Irving's behavior in some way. Lopez has previously avoided making a remark,

but his Twitter behavior has made it apparent where he stands. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, a former NBA player, criticized Irving in his most recent column, and Lopez retweeted it.

Robin Lopez recently retweeted Kareem's substack post against Kyrie, making him, in my opinion, the first active player to disagree with Kyrie's post—even if it was an RT and not his own tweet.

Kyrie Irving, a controversial figure in the past, got himself into this newest controversy last Friday when he tweeted a link to the documentary 

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