In the midterm elections, will Donald Trump benefit or harm the Republican Party?

Donald Trump is a major player in this midterm election season despite not running for office, but it won't be obvious what impact he has until Election Day or shortly thereafter.

According to an ABC News and Ipsos poll, 64% of Republican voters who are registered say Trump should have a good or great deal of influence over the future direction of the party. 

This is despite the fact that he is under investigation for a number of things and the fallout from the hearings on January 6.

Practically 200 people who support and promote Trump's election denial are on nearly every ballot in congressional and statewide races.

Even though Donald Trump is not running for office this year, Mark Weaver, a seasoned Republican strategist, told ABC News that the Trump political brand is still very strong and powerful. 

Weaver observed that politicians who support Trump frequently reject elites and adopt his out-of-character, confrontational approach.

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