Incredible "horizontal" landing by the pilot in strong crosswinds

Strong winds buffeted the commercial jet as it approached the runway, and the pilot was captured on camera pulling off an amazing sideways landing.

A passenger plane operated by Ryanair can be seen in the video preparing to land at Madeira Airport.

As the pilot aligns the aircraft with the runway, it crosses the ocean and turns to the right over the land while tilting its wings downward.

The Ryanair jet trembles and rattles as it approaches the ground, clearly demonstrating the wind's severity.

The gust pushes the plane's nose out to the left of the runway while it is just a few dozen meters above the ground, putting its wheels at a 45-degree angle from the runway.

The cool-headed pilot manages to maintain their composure and turns the aircraft to the right, keeping it hovering just over the runway as the wheels line up with the ground.

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