Is it true that you can receive free refills at the Starbucks cafes inside of Target?

Target has over 1,300 Starbucks caf├ęs in its locations throughout the United States.

Regular customers will tell you that no Target trip is complete without picking up a cup of coffee (per Target).

And since bringing the famous coffee shop inside its shops, Target has made extraordinary efforts to satisfy its consumers' insatiable cravings for Starbucks. 

Naturally, many Target stores provide their shopping carts with cup holders so that consumers may safeguard their pumpkin spice lattes while they peruse the shelves. 

However, Target gives customers who choose curb-side pick-up the option of having a Starbucks beverage carried outside with their goods.

But in a new popular TikTok video, the creator makes an unbelievable assertion regarding the Starbucks shops at Target.

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