Jim Harbaugh Sums Up Upsetting Tunnel Incident in Two Words

This morning, on Monday, Jim Harbaugh spoke with the media to discuss the troubling tunnel event that happened following the Michigan vs. Michigan State game on Saturday.

Harbaugh finds what happened repugnant and describes it as "egregious" and "sickening."

The violence on Saturday night was described as "egregious, terrible" by Jim Harbaugh in a statement he read aloud today.

He said that "there needs to be accountability" and "one apology will not get the job done." He has not heard from Mel Tucker.

Perhaps even more troubling is the fact that Mel Tucker hasn't apologised to Jim Harbaugh for what happened. That is disgusting.

That Saturday night, Tucker ought to have apologized to Harbaugh for the acts of his team. The head coach of Michigan State ought to have at the very least called Harbaugh on Sunday.

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