Joe Biden's Most Recent Mistake Will Make You Cringe

Both Joe Biden and his followers have probably accepted the truth that he is prone to making mistakes. 

Voters didn't seem to notice that Democrats is a machine for making mistakes, with his regular verbal vomit often having little impact (via USA Today). 

Consider the incident when the commander in chief addressed his vice president, Kamala Harris, as the president. Since Biden is actually the president, there is no harm done.

The president's most recent error, however, is much more embarrassing than Biden's claim that the first lady's husband had tested positive for the coronavirus in March of last year,

when in fact it was the second gentleman, Douglas Emhoff, who was ill. Because in this case the 79-year-old, 

who appeared to be uninformed of her high-profile injury, shouted out a recently dead member of Congress during a news conference (via AOL).

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