Kevin Durant's Remark on the Kyrie Irving Predicament Being Popular

Kyrie Irving will be suspended for at least the next five games without pay, the Brooklyn Nets confirmed on Thursday.Kevin Durant, Irving's co-star, commented on the situation in general.

Durant acknowledges that he doesn't like how this drama has developed in Brooklyn. He feels that the group could have kept quiet better.

According to Durant via Brian Lewis, "I'm not here to condemn someone or talk down on the life or how they feel about their opinions. 

"Simply put, I didn't enjoy anything that occurred. I thought it was all superfluous. I believed that as a group, we might have simply continued playing basketball and remaining silent."

Unsurprisingly, Durant is facing backlash for this stance on social media. For the Nets, ignoring what occurred with Irving is difficult.

There is no denying that this problem could have been handled more effectively. It would have been worse to ignore Irving's contentious social media post and unrepentant remarks.

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