Did America's Most Wanted anchor John Walsh's kid die at the hands of Jeffrey Dahmer?

The son of America's Most Wanted anchor John Walsh was allegedly murdered by Jeffrey Dahmer, according to a former FBI agent.

According to investigator Neil Purtell, Florida police botched the investigation of solid evidence connecting the serial murderer to the 1981 death of six-year-old Adam Walsh.

After receiving a life sentence for the Wisconsin murders of 17 adolescents and men, Mr. Purtell spoke with Dahmer in jail.

According to Mr. Purtell, who spoke to RadarOnline, "He claimed if he did admit to it, he would be murdered in prison as a pedophile." "I had the feeling he was confessing he done it,"

At 1981, Adam was kidnapped from a Sears shop in the Hollywood Mall in Florida. His decapitated head was discovered 16 days later in a canal 120 miles away, 

The horrifying murder was attributed to convicted serial murderer Ottis Toole, according to Florida police, who made this determination in 2008.

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