Klay Thompson debunks the Draymond Green-Jordan Poole controversy

You could scarcely tell that Klay Thompson and co. had just gone through a shocking Jordan Poole-Draymond Green fight drama in the weeks building up to opening night 

after watching the Golden State Warriors competently manage the Los Angeles Lakers on way to a 123-109 victory. They specifically wanted to project that image by winning.

The volume of the outside noise is reduced by many turns when your team succeeds. They were able to further bury the unfavorable story by taking care of business.

Klay Thompson emphasized the importance of both players to the success of the Warriors after the victory.

"Dray had to win back our faith, and he was eager to do so. Without J.P. and without Draymond, the Warriors are not what they are. 

 with all eyes on him, announced a not-so-subtle position on where he wanted to play next season.

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