Labrador Puppy That Hates Owner Kisses Is 'Very Sad'

A woman kissing a puppy who "doesn't enjoy kisses" split the internet.@carrilyne's TikTok video has over 1 million views.

Kimi, a 4-month-old Labrador, barks and growls when Carrilyne kisses her.

"The puppy is upset. It's a bad the owner isn't responding to the puppies' cues "Zakar stated.

"A puppy's early development is vital. Everything they do teaches kids about the world. what's safe?

"The puppy learns that its owner will ignore its discomfort."A puppy may not want affection, being picked up, etc.

Or that they sometimes accept it. Let a puppy "consent" Kneel down and see if the puppy advances; 

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