Michael Phelps, a legendary Olympian, shares tragic family news

This week, Michael Phelps made an announcement about the passing of his father, Fred.

The accomplished swimmer expressed his sorrow over his father's passing in a message on Instagram on Monday.

"My dad, you will always be. I'll also always be your son. I miss you, Dad, and I love you "Written by Michael Phelps.

Michael Phelps sent three images along with the depressing information. The first is an older photo of him wearing a Maryland state trooper uniform and standing close to his father.

In another image, Fred is admirably observing Michael hold one of his little children, and in the third, he's probably holding one of his grandchildren.

The 23-time gold medalist revealed to Sports Illustrated in 2016 that his parents separated when he was nine years old, but the relationship between the father and son improved

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