MLB World Astounded By Today's Justin Verlander Performance

The Houston Astros' Justin Verlander made a poor showing at the wrong moment.In Game 1 of his team's ALDS clash against the Seattle Mariners on Tuesday

Verlander had a terrible day, allowing six earned runs in four innings. He started a postseason game and gave up 10 hits, which was a new career best.

Even if Verlander's performance was unexpected, the results weren't as unexpected.Verlander might want to avoid using social media tonight, just to be safe.

Teams who have earned at least five runs this year off of Justin Verlander... Mariners: May 27 Mariners: Today That's all, according to MLB writer Daniel Kramer.

Ben Ross tweeted that Justin Verlander "simply doesn't have what it takes to win in October."

One fan said, "I have not seen Justin Verlander get rocked like this in a long time." And this was just when he was beginning to establish his groove.

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