MLB World Reacts To Justin Verlander's Trending Image

When the Astros entered the ballpark this afternoon, Justin Verlander didn't seem fearful of the Philadelphia crowd.

In Game 3 of the World Series, Houston will take on the Phillies tonight. Philadelphia came back to win Game 1, and the Astros completely dominated Game 2. 

Verlander gave the Houston team bus the middle finger as it approached the jeering crowd.

While Astros fans are raving about Verlander's brazen performance, Phillies supporters have had a more nuanced response.

"Has bro experienced his postseason era? He just blew a big lead, didn't he? Lmfao, continue speaking, buddy "said one.

In Game 1, Verlander was unable to maintain a 5-0 lead, allowing the Phillies to rally and win in extra innings. On Saturday night, Houston won Game to tie the series.

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