Molly Wilson is more than a good kicker.

15.09. Her second varsity game.
SMSA played Rockville (Conn.). Rockville's attack stopped on SMSA's 10-yard line with a minute and a half left.

Erick Knickerbocker gazed down at Wilson. Her one extra point effort was stopped, a setback after going 5-for-5 in her debut a week earlier.

Her first field goal. Knickerbocker stated the special teams coach inquired whether she was decent from 30 yards. "Be like that"

Wilson is a freshman and the first female Knickerbocker has coached in football.

She took a field goal. She whiffed. 7-6: Rockville lost. Knickerbocker remarked "near." Distance. Rightward. 

All the lads came over to chat to her; I didn't know since I was going on. I think that's when she was recognised as part of the team

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Jalen Williams had orbital surgery, out 7-10 days.

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