Mom's 'Game Day Chicken' Recipe Is Amazing

We love game day recipes. Nothing beats watching your team play with a beer and some food. We have a new recipe.

@bugsyandcompany shared Game Day Chicken on TikTok. We've never watched a video so intently.

We tested chicken dips. This is different. Ingredients? This becomes a meal with bacon, cream cheese, chicken broth, and cheddar cheese.

Chicken dip is delicious. How did TikTok users react? @Katrina said, "We add Frank's Buffalo wing sauce." Amazing."

@Bobbyswife called it chicken crack. I've always made it. Favorite!" @Angela Myatt said, "That's great." That's coming up. Many thanks.”

Indeed. TikTokers love Game Day Chicken. Everyone should try it! Send us any you make. We're hungry

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