My relationship was ended by a crop top.

In all seriousness, I knew that eventually my ex-boyfriend and I would part ways. My inexpensive $3 crop top from Forever 21 may have only accelerated the inevitable.

 I had reached my breaking point after more than a year of living with him. (I would attempt to gauge his mood at the moment, but this isn't his blog.)

You should also be prepared for disappointment if you anticipate that this post will focus on how he made me feel uneasy the night I wore a crop top. 

A month or so before I wore the shirt out, I bought it. I believed the salesperson failed to place it in my luggage.

I experienced a lot of worry as I dressed to go out with friends and felt like I had nothing to wear. I quickly tossed my $3 crop top about our bedroom and discovered it.

My degree of exhilaration increased significantly. I was going to have the chance to finally flaunt my chubby female gorgeous like Gabi Fresh.

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