Narcissist Zodiac Signs

Aries are the most egotistical zodiac sign. "They must be self-focused to construct their identity or a new universe in which they may stand out, be counted, and be heard

This self-focus can lead to an unwillingness or incapacity to regard others' ideas and feelings "Bustle's Joshua MacGuire.

"Leos can utilise their natural charm and attraction to pull others into narcissistic relationships,"

Leos are charismatic, but don't let them use it to manipulate you or get more affection and attention than they do.

Virgos are perfectionists. AstroOK, an astrological YouTube channel, says Virgos' demand for perfection and inability to recognise fault can make them selfish.

Virgos realise they're smart. Don't let Virgos' cunning fool you into letting them walk all over you or ignoring your opinions.

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