NASA Establishes New Launch Window, Says Hurricane Didn't Affect Artemis I Hardware

Hurricane Ian delayed NASA's Artemis I lunar mission launch, and now a new date has been set for liftoff.

NASA said Friday that its ambitious plan to send people back to the moon's surface in stages will now have a launch window that runs from Nov. 12 to Nov. 27.

The announcement follows NASA's decision to cancel the most recent Artemis I Iaunch, which was set for Sunday, October 2.

On Monday, NASA rolled its massive Space Launch System rocket and the Orion spacecraft it will launch back indoors to the Vehicle Assembly Building at Florida's Kennedy Space Center

as Hurricane Ian threatened to move north across Cuba and into Florida, bringing rain and strong winds to the launch pad's vicinity.

On Wednesday, the hurricane made landfall in Florida, bringing with it a devastating storm surge, winds, and flooding that killed scores of people, disrupted electricity for miles around

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