NASA's Payload Was Fired Into the Sky by a Massive Gun.

The tenth time employing a massive slingshot, space launch firm SpinLaunch launched a cargo tens of thousands of feet into the air last month.

And everything that rises must also fall.The cargo crashed as predicted, but harder than one may have imagined, necessitating the use of a large excavator to exhume it.

according to a news statement from SpinLaunch, both at launch when it was propelled into the atmosphere at 10,000 Gs and when it impacted the ground.

The launch method may one day provide NASA, which in April announced a cooperation with SpinLaunch, a new "option" for launching satellites into orbit.

The concept is really logical. After all, a massive slingshot may be used in place of pricey and cumbersome rockets to lift a little piece of technology above the clouds.

Even while it is impressive, the accelerator still has a ways to go before breaking through the atmosphere; as of right now, it has only reached a still-impressive 25,000 feet.

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