NASCAR World Reacts To Major Appeal News From Thursday

Hendrick Motorsports made the decision to contest the $50,000 fine that William Byron was given during a race little over two weeks ago.

For pushing teammate Denny Hamlin out of position during a late-race caution on Sunday, Byron was assessed that amount of punishment.

Additionally, he received a 25-point penalty in the rankings for team owner and driver.Following the appeal, NASCAR changed the punishment on Thursday afternoon.

Byron, a two-time winner in the 2022 season driving the No. 24 Chevrolet, will now pay a $100,000 fine and lose no championship points.

He was initially penalized with 25 driver points, 25 owner points, and a $50,000 fine for breaking the NASCAR Member Code of Conduct's Sections 4.3.A and 4.4.C of the rule book.

"Hmmm… Although it truly should have been handled in the middle of the race, 25 points may have been steep, but zero points? Oh, man. Under yellow, he spun a man "a supporter stated.

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