Native American leaders request that the Chiefs modify the team's name and logo.

It is clear that Native American culture has been incorporated into the name, emblem, and general theme of the Kansas City Chiefs. Numerous adjustments have been made over the years

to prevent mocking or making fun of Indigenous American culture, but according to one organization, they haven't gone nearly far enough.

The "Not In Our Honor" Coalition is requesting that the Chiefs alter their name and completely remove the Native American image because they believe it to be discriminatory.

Before the Monday Night Football game, several group members gathered outside the stadium to protest and demonstrate.

The Chiefs outlawed overt displays like headdresses and culturally insensitive face paint in 2020. These were the result of consultations with regional Native leaders.

Both then and today, the team has vowed to adhere to customs that respect rather than disparage the customs and history of Indigenous Americans

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