NBA Fans are shocked as Luka Doncic captains the Dallas Mavericks to a rout of the Memphis Grizzlies.

NBA fans booed Ja Morant and company after they were humiliated by the Luka Doncic-led Dallas Mavericks by a score of 41.

The Dallas Mavericks faced the aggressive Memphis Grizzlies tonight after losing their season-opening contest.

Given how strong the Grizzlies have appeared thus far, it was expected to be difficult for Doncic and company to destroy the hot Memphis team.

But it was immediately apparent who the superior squad was after the first quarter. 

 The Mavericks had a comfortable 22-point lead after the first quarter because to Luka's 21 points and the Grizzlies' inability to make their jumpers.

the team simply couldn't turn things around as the Mavericks continued their dominance in the second quarter, winning 64-36 to conclude the half.

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