NBA Insider Requests Trade Of The Lakers Quickly Russell Westbrook

The Purple and Gold are still attempting to win something in the West this year in the city of Los Angeles.

The Lakers still have the nucleus they used to win the championship with LeBron James and Anthony Davis, but a lot has happened since that 2020 playoff run.

They now have Russell Westbrook, who has been a poor match in almost every regard, unlike back then.

The Lakers have been terrible with Westbrook on the club despite his best efforts to blend in and play his best game, and the bleeding doesn't seem to be stopping anytime soon.

Before his careless play and contentious demeanor kill the Lakers any chance this otherworldly tenacious squad has at a successful season, Russell Westbrook needs to be traded. 

They are unpredictable. They are able to amuse. Darvin Ham, their new coach, seems to be able to create a fresh culture that can frighten a few people and shake up the Crypt. 

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