NBA news: Luka Doncic breaks Michael Jordan's record in a big way.

At the American Airlines Center, Luka Doncic defeated the Orlando Magic with a score of 30 points, giving him six games in a row with at least 30 points. 

Doncic is the first player to accomplish this feat in the first six games of a regular season since Michael Jordan did it in the 1986–1987 NBA Season.

Michael Jordan began that regular season with a 50-point performance at Madison Square Garden against the New York Knicks,

followed by a 41-point performance against the Cleveland Cavaliers and four straight games with at least 30 points apiece.

Starting with a 35-point performance against the Phoenix Suns, Luka Doncic then put up two straight performances of at least 30 points each, 

one 41-point performance against the Brooklyn Nets, and two more straight performances of at least 30 points each against the Oklahoma City Thunder and Orlando Magic.

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