NBA star Dwyane Wade's ex-wife Is Exploiting Transgender Daughter For Financial Gain

Dwyane Wade's ex-wife is asking the court to order Zaya, their transgender daughter, to wait until she is 18 before making this "monumental" choice. 

She is protesting the gender and name modifications to Zaya's birth certificate.

She pointed out that it indicates they must consult with each other and seek opinion before making significant choices "affecting care, welfare, activities, health, education

At the age of 12, in 2020, Zaya came out as trans. She had already made waves in the modeling industry by signing deals with Tiffany and Dove and building up a sizable social media following.

Young LGBTQ+ people all across the world have supported her since she shared her story, and her career is still expanding.

Wade and his current spouse, Gabrielle Union, have recently given interviews in which they discuss how their family has changed as a result of Zaya's choice to transition from male to female.

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