NBA World Responds To News About Kemba Walker's Decision

In a draft night trade, the Detroit Pistons acquired Kemba Walker from the New York Knicks, but it has been evident for some time that they never intended to use the seasoned guard.

Walker was reportedly waived by the Pistons on Monday, while the move had been rumored for some time. The four-time All-Star, 32, is now free to join with another team.

What type of market Walker will have is still unknown. As a result of ongoing knee problems, he played in just 37 games for the Knicks in 2018–19 and just 43 for the Boston Celtics in 2020–21.

As some supporters pointed out this afternoon, Walker's injuries have caught up with him quickly.

Two years ago, people were debating him versus [Kyle] Lowry; today, he's being released by teams that could make the playoffs, according to a Twitter user.

Another person commented, "Crazy to think he was an all-star starter two years ago."

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