Nets impose a new penalty on Kyrie Irving

After making several contentious statements, the Brooklyn Nets have now officially decided against signing Kyrie Irving.

Irving has been punished for "no less than five games," the organization has said in a new statement. 

After meeting with reporters, Irving made the choice without offering an explanation or an apology for posting a link to a documentary with an antisemitic message.

The statement continued, "We were shocked today when given the chance in a media conference that Kyrie failed to categorically affirm

he had no antisemitic attitudes, nor acknowledge particular vile material in the film. It wasn't the first time he had the chance to clarify, but he didn't.

At best, Irving's time with the Nets has been difficult. Given his recent actions and the Nets' robust response, it's reasonable to question if he still has a future with the franchise.

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